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    Is a professional production of intelligent cable manufacturers, has now accumulated
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    Products include the new energy industry, machinery and equipment automation, electronics industry, security
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    Has passed the ISO9001 (2008) Quality management system certification, ISO / TS 16969: 2009 Quality
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    The company has more than 50,000 square meters plant, production testing equipment, strong technical
  • 国境内保税区就形同国外,即国外过来的货物放在保税区,相当货物还在国外,不用交关税,但出了保税区进入非保税区,就是从国外进口到中国的意思,要交关税。 中国非保税区货物进入保税区,就表示已经出口到国外了,要交关税了。 保税仓库是已经是中国境内的意思。只是可以储存货物的功能。比如中国贸易企业进口货物入境,但是没有找
  • 开发和制造聚脲,使用作为矿物,半合成的和合成的油的介质润滑脂 目前建议的温度范围内操作从零下60℃加250℃的各种摩擦单元约20个品牌类似润滑脂。设计的聚脲基润滑脂如由测试GPP-1不劣于对性能的进口聚脲基润滑脂。 下面是进口的聚脲润滑脂名单和润滑油的互换性选择。
  • 克鲁勃润滑剂全球生产特种润滑油, Klübersynth BR 46-32 F和Klübersynth BR 46-82,为作动器的寿命润滑系列特种润滑油,符合汽车行业的使用寿命要求。 执行器是将电信号转换为机械运动的动力传递元件。对于可靠的执行器的性能,其小的机械部件需要被可靠地润滑。
  • 从经销商到车主或工业用户,对于销售、购买和使用润滑油产品的人来说,碰到假货无疑是件最头疼的事情。假冒的润滑油产品轻则影响车辆和设备的性能发挥,重则可能导致车辆和设备损毁,甚至危及人员生命。 2015
  • TITAN CARGO MAXX 5W-30 XTL 发动机油的高级MAXX,与新的XTL®技术配制。对于配备了现代化的尾气后处理系统和涡轮增压的车辆


    Shenzhen Runhua floating oil (RHF)was founded in 1996 in Shenzhen China, agent of Shell (SHell). Mobil Exxon (Mobil), Esso (Esso), Caltex (CALTEX), Total, BP, Castrol (Casrtol) and other industrial lubricating oil and lubricating oil ship. Company with strong technical force and perfect marketing system, management system, quality system, to meet national environmental protection, energy conservation requirements. The company has a wide range of goods, adequate supply, reasonable prices, punctual delivery, for all customers at all levels of wholesale supply.

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